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Homemade bread and matsot
14 ₪

Grilled mushrooms
42 ₪
Butter and parsley cream, brioche

Papaya salad
40 ₪
Soy sprouts, cucumber, carrot, sherry tomato, coriander, peanuts and yuzo

Endive and young leaves
67 ₪
Roquefort, pears, walnuts, citrus sauce

Grilled eggplant
56 ₪
Tahini, tomato, chili, herbs, Hameiri feta cheese

Sea fish ceviche
71 ₪
Avocado, chili, onions, coriander, tzatziki and sumac

Buffalo mozzarella
62 ₪
Tomatoes, onion, basil, pine nuts, olive oil, balsamic vinegar

64 ₪
Lettuce hearts, snow peas, croutons, “Ortiz” anchovies, Caesar dressing and Parmesan 

76 ₪
Tomato salad with basil and balsamic vinegar, grilled eggplant and arugula leaves

Niçoise salad Rendez-Vous style
82 ₪
Smoked tuna and anchovy Ortiz, poached eggs, potatoes, olives

Salmon tartar
88 ₪
Masala, ginger, shallots, cucumbers Julienne, apple, herbs 

Roasted Camembert
79 ₪
With walnuts, balsamic vinegar, green salad

Bell pepper carpaccio
49 ₪
Capers, olives, feta, pine nuts, basil

Corn polenta
49 ₪
Asparagus, mushrooms, parmesan